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Edited by Louisa Rochford

Total Business Magazine - January 2019 Edition

From the Editor...

Hello and welcome to Total Business’ January Edition!

I am delighted to present Total Business’ January issue, dedicated to delivering news, comment and analysis to those at the centre of the business sector and offering advice that matters to business owners and SMEs across the globe.

For our cover story this month, we were thrilled to speak with Filipp Chebotarev, Chief Operating Officer at Cambridge SPG. Filipp gives an insightful take on the future of the grocery store experience, and how consumers are moving in a far cleaner direction than ever before.

Other features this month include a look into Creative Concepts, a product development and manufacturing company run by two of the youngest entrepreneurs in the sector, Joe and Vin Advani. We also address the importance of listening to staff, enabling the workplace through IoT, and much more!

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I hope you enjoy reading Total Business’ January edition!

All the best,
Louisa Rochford

Louisa Rochford
Total Business Magazine Editor