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5 Keys to Singaporean Business Etiquette

Singapore is quickly becoming one of the most dominant and progressive countries for business and this only looks set to continue in the coming years.

This means that familiarizing yourself with business etiquette in Singapore is intelligent because you may well end up doing business with a country from this part of the world at some point (if you don’t already).

With this in mind, here are a few tips to making a good impression.

1. Punctuality

It is always important to be punctual but particularly in Singapore. Arriving on time (or early) shows respect which is hugely important in this part of the world. Seeing as this is so important, it is a good idea to choose accommodation close to where you will be conducting business so that you are never late and also so that you can observe local customs. You can find luxury serviced apartments Singapore which will provide a comfortable base and help you to be punctual for every meeting.

2. Face

A mask of personal dignity known as “face” must be maintained at all times. This means avoiding outbursts of emotion, remaining calm and thoughtful and never taking action which would cause someone else to lose face (such as angering them).

3. Hierarchy

It is important to be aware that in Singapore there are strong hierarchical relationships that need to be respected. Seniors are given the most respect and often deferred to in situations so you should always show the utmost respect to seniors and never question or disagree with someone that is older than you.

4. Small Talk

Small talk is common and expected at the start of business meetings so do not be alarmed if people often ask you questions about your family and other personal details – this is not being intrusive but simply a process in striking up a personal relationship.

5. Business Cards

Although Singapore is one of the most technologically-advanced places in the entire world, there is still a traditional approach in many aspects of business. The use of business cards is one of these and it is expected that you exchange cards with every associate that you meet after introductions. They are exchanged with both hands and often accompanied by a slight bow as a mark of respect.

Business etiquette is important in Singapore and the above are the main areas to remember. As you can see, a lot of this has to do with respect for one another which is a good way of conducting business no matter where you are or who you are meeting

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