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Reinhard Vogt: A Journey of Remarkable Experience

The Sartorius group is an international pharmaceutical and laboratory equipment supplier, covering the segments of Bioprocess Solutions and Lab Products & Services. Having joined the company in 1983, Reinhard Vogt had extensive experience at the company—and after 35 years, he has made the move to Dynamk Capital, a venture capital firm that specialises in biotech and life sciences. Reinhard walks us through his journey between the two companies, and the outcome from his years of remarkable experience.

I first joined Sartorius when it was still a private company in 1983, and became responsible for their Filtration Division in Asia. I founded the daughter companies in India, Korea, China and Australia.

In 1991, Sartorius went public and I took over the responsibility for Sales and Marketing worldwide—at this time, the sales revenue was around 25 million Euro. My main focus was on the strategic development of the Filtration Division and the transformation into today’s Bioprocess Solution Provider, which has reached a revenue of around 1.2 billion Euro and stands for 75% of Sartorius revenue and 80% of Sartorius profit. In 2007, I became Executive Member of the board of Sartorius Stedim S.A., and two years later, I took on the role of Executive Member of Sartorius AG, the holding company.

Sartorius’ successful strategy of a solution provider for the Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Processes had a huge impact in the industry, as all competitors followed this strategy of bringing not only products but also solutions to the market.

The key to the transformation and success we saw was the focus on the industry and the development of a large product and technology portfolio, due to our own developments but even more due to smart acquisitions of companies with unique technologies and products. From 2000 until today, Sartorius Bioprocess Division acquired 13 companies and signed various license agreements to achieve the widest product portfolio in the market, and became a leader in the field of single-use technologies, by being the first to foresee the paradigm shift in the industry.

After over 35 years, I have decided to take on a new challenge in bringing my successful track record of selecting and integrating potential start-up targets in the Life Science and Biotech arena. I found that the best place to do this is in a VC Company that focuses solely on this area, and provides not only capital, but also top management support to successfully commercialize innovative technologies. I found this VC company in Dynamk Capital, NYC: or better, they found me and offered me an equal partnership. I’m convinced that I can add great value to potential start-ups and also to investors of Dynamk Capital. In addition, to relocate from Europe to the US, the dominating market in this respect, provides another challenge that I am keen to take on.

To leave Sartorius after such a successful journey is a major step, and I thank Sartorius for all the trust and opportunities they have given me to make an underdog into a market leader today.

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