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The Top 5 London Office Spaces to Fulfil Your Business Needs

Every business has its own individual needs and goals, so it is important to spend time finding the right office space for you. A co-working space is more than a rec room and beer on tap – it has a responsibility to provide your business with the correct atmosphere to thrive, flourish, and prosper in.

With this in mind, we have rounded up the five best workplace providers to fulfil your own personal working needs.

  1. HubHub: For start-ups serious about growth

A new ‘grown-up’ offering, HubHub, has recently launched its first UK site in Farringdon – with bookings now open. HubHub bring together a community of like-minded, ambitious people and businesses that are serious about expanding, growing and disrupting their sectors.

This new base has been designed by London architects DMFK to create the ideal environment for growth which it considers to be more than a space – it’s also a state-of-mind. HubHub understands that a work space is beyond a table and desk – it’s about community and connection. In addition to recreational zones, a zen room and an event space it provides start-ups with networking opportunities, skills sharing classes, and dedicated events around the hottest industry topics such as AI, cryptocurrency and proptech to take businesses and people to the next level.

Monthly memberships at 20 Farringdon Street start from £350 and can be booked online at:

  1. Workspace: For small businesses

With spaces currently available for over 4,000 businesses and locations in Shoreditch, central London, Vauxhall, Shepherds Bush to Limehouse – Workspace provides the supportive and dynamic environment to give businesses a boost.

As small businesses are known for their problem-solving work ethic and the connection they share with their audience and community, they take pride in their relationships with all key stakeholders. With a large network that has over 65 locations in London, Workspace is perfect for this.

Find the best location for your business and book tours here:

  1. Second Home: For creatives

Co-working space Second Home, offers a unique and unconventional designed office, which is perfect to inspire the innovative and unique skills of a creative workers.

Offering weekly cultural, educational and wellness events, it promises to keep the ideas flowing in its four locations across London – Spitalfields, Holland Park, Clerkenwell Green and London Fields. It also offers live music and film screenings to bring out the musical and visual creative within you.

Book tours across various locations here:

  1. Huckletree: For worldwide teams

When you’re waking up just as Hong Kong is going to bed, it can be challenging to feel connected with your team. By providing the portals of cyber communication, online video and virtual reality, Huckletree keeps the team as one and helps businesses stay ahead of the curve.

With its global network of members, connecting with each other in offices across London and Dublin, Huckletree focuses on helping businesses grow and connect with the use of technology, which is perfect if your organisation is positioned all around the globe.

Hourly rates across various locations start from £4, and monthly memberships start from £250, book tours here:

  1. For team spirit

If you want to focus on wellbeing and happiness in your workplace, Work.Life is the home for you. It believes that everyone should feel happy in their work lives and has provided both the perks of cosy amenities like artisan coffee as well as wellness and team-building workshops.

Work.Life wants its members to work collaboratively, productively, and most importantly, work happy. With office across London, Reading and Manchester, it’s easy to find one of its spaces to spend your share being your happiest and most productive self.

Monthly memberships across various locations start from £175, book a tour here:

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