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The Top 10 Companies For Maternity Leave

The gender pay gap is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to inequality in the workplace for women.

Research from price comparison experts Money Guru has revealed that 70% of UK employers believe that women should declare their pregnancy during the recruitment process. In fact, 1 in 7 (14%) of employers admitted to being reluctant to hire a women who may go on to have children.

Studies show that 39% of young mothers have been illegally asked in job interviews about how being a mother would affect their ability to work. What’s more 24% of employers believe women should work for them for at least a year before having children.

Registered Psychologist Rachel Hard told Money Guru that “The title ‘maternity leave’ gives a gendered role or expectation of who can/should take leave to care for a new baby. The traditional male and female roles are often still in play despite social sanctions to establish equality.”

But it’s not all doom and gloom. Money Guru have compiled a list of the companies who are doing right by their employees who want to start a family.

Top 10 Companies For Maternity Leave

  1. Accenture
  2. Transport For London
  3. M&G
  4. Etsy
  5. Aviva
  6. UKFast
  7. Vodafone
  8. Netflix
  9. Microsoft
  10. Civil Service

Top 10 Companies For Paternity Leave

  1. American Express
  2. Lenovo
  3. Spotify
  4. Etsy
  5. Twitter
  6. IBM
  7. Netflix
  8. Deloitte
  9. Lyft
  10. Pinterest

Top 10 Companies For Shared Parental Leave

  1. American Express
  2. Barclays Bank
  3. Crown Prosecution Service
  4. Deloitte
  5. Independent Living Fund Scotland
  6. Intellectual Property Office
  7. Lloyds Banking Group
  8. Pinsent Motors
  9. Royal Bank of Scotland
  10. Southdown Housing

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