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Brand Image: Why Is It So Important?

From a consumer perspective, the way your brand is presented is essential to their decision making. Brand awareness is one of the most significant factors that contribute to the successful running of a business.

You want to make a great first impression that will last if you have aims to increase your consumer base and become a thought-leader in your sector.

There are many ways that businesses can improve their brand image, no matter what sector they operate in. From retail to hospitality, there’s always room for improvement regarding both your own staff and customer retention.

The thought process of a customer

People in the UK love high levels of customer service, and 76% of adults said that it’s even more important than the product they initially intend on buying. Although you should also be prioritising the quality of your products (to reduce returns and negative reviews), you should be constantly reviewing your current customer service methods and continually think of ways that you can improve the overall service.

Most businesses will believe that their customer service is at the best that it can be — but there’s always room for improvement. According to one study, 80% of businesses already believe that they deliver a superior service to their consumers – but only 8% of shoppers actually agree with this statement.

First impressions last and can even drive customer retention. Not only that, but if you’re looking to increase your consumer acquisition rates – this is a good avenue to go down. 84% of people make a purchase because of a referral; so, if your first impression is worthwhile, it could lead to additional business.

Is there a way to keep on top of competitors in terms of customer service?

The next steps for your business

Corporate wear suppliers have always amplified the importance of uniforms in a business. You need to ensure that your employees are identifiable to customers and this can only be achieved by designing a uniform that stands out; while catering to each type of individual that works for you (considering religions etc).

For businesses that don’t use uniforms, a lot of time is wasted monitoring what people wear. As well as this, uniforms represent your business – so you must design them in the correct way and prioritise employee comfort to ensure you receive the best delivery from them.

Uniforms aside, have you been upskilling your staff recently? This should cover ways that they interact with consumers of all kind (race, religion, disability) and offer the most efficient service possible to show that you’re a reputable brand. On top of this training, you should also make your staff aware of any new products or services that you begin to offer so that they can give customers all of the information that they require.

Research has suggested that customers will spend up to 13 minutes in a store — so it’s important that you deliver an exceptional service. Queues are notoriously long here in the UK and can be the biggest contributing factor to a customer’s walk-out. To combat this, why not look at queue management software and point of sales service?

Is there any way that you could improve  your business?


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