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What Happens to Our Unwanted Christmas Gifts?

In just 3 weeks Christmas will be here and hopefully presents will be received. Satsuma Loans has revealed that 13% of gifts will be returned to retailers this festive season and 21% of unwanted Christmas presents will be given to someone else as a present

A study by Satsuma Loans reveals what happens to our unwanted Christmas gifts, the busiest Highstreet for returning those unwanted presents, and helpful Christmas returns policies for the UK’s top Highstreet retailers.

Taking the gift back to the shop it came from may seem like the easiest option, or it is if you know what shop it is from, if you have the original packaging, and the tag labels are still in place. However, most gifts should come with a gift receipt, just in case you don’t like it and many top retailers will offer a credit note, exchange or refund around the Christmas period. 13% of unwanted Christmas presents will be returned to retailers this festive season. Top retailers such as Marks and Spencer’s, John Lewis and Boots all having surprising good return policies, and so returning your unwanted gifts has never been easier.

Which UK Highstreet will be the busiest this boxing day for returning presents?

Satsuma Loans have asked UK consumers how many of them will be taking unwanted goods back to the retailer after Christmas. This data was cross referenced with their location to find out the busiest Highstreet for returning goods, the top 10 are listed below:

London is revealed to be the busiest Highstreet for returning gifts on boxing day, with 24.32% of people returning gifts. Satsuma reveals that it takes on average 10 days to return an unwanted Christmas present to a retailer.

Why not re-gift, those unwanted presents?

If you really don’t want something that you have received as a gift, but know someone who will love it, then why not re gift it? Not everyone feels comfortable about regifting, so you may be surprised that a staggering 21% of unwanted Christmas presents will be given to someone else at Christmas, and women are 10% more likely to regift. Regifting results in someone else loving and appreciating a gift that you didn’t so much, so there is no need to feel so guilty.

Do a good duty and donate to a charity shop

Donating your unwanted gifts to a charity shop is one of the best options this Christmas time. By donating your gifts to charity will help vulnerable children, adults and animals, and fortunately 28% of unwanted gifts are donated to a charity shops this year! Pull out those presents that you have stuffed to the back of your cupboards and think about donating to people who are in need at this special time of year.

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