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What Do Large Companies Use Social Media For?

Business owners understand that leveraging social media helps humanizing brands and improving a business image, making even large corporations accessible. 

Reportlinker latest report analyzes the social media behavior of companies with over 250 employees and presents country rankings.

The top purposes large companies use social media for are:

  • To promote products or their image
  • For customer service
  • To recruit employees
  • To involve customers in development or innovation of goods or service

What about country rankings?

The top European companies where social media is used to promote a product or their image are located in:

  • Cyprus, where 69% of companies admit doing so, followed by Sweden (62%), the Netherlands (61%), Finland (60%), and Iceland (58%). Romania ranks last with 20%

When it comes to customer service (obtaining or responding to customer opinions and reviewing their questions):

  • The UK is 5th with 45% of large companies doing so, France ranks at the 24th position with 24% and Luxembourg comes last with 14%.

Enterprises also turn to social media for HR purposes:

  • When recruiting new employees, Netherlands leads the way with 55%, followed by Norway (49%), Belgium (44%), Sweden (43%), and Finland (41%).
  • At the bottom of this list is Slovakia (10%).

Lastly, when involving customers directly in the innovation or development of a service or goods: 

  • The leading EU nations remain approximately the same Cyprus ranking first (41%) the Netherlands (32%); Finland (30%); Sweden (25%); and the UK (24%).
  •  In contrast, only 5% of large employers in Hungary use social media in this way.

(Source: Reportlinker)

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