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Vert Industries: An Insight into Specialised Access

Our Featured Business of the Month this month is Vert Industries Australia, run by its CEO, Dean Guest. Dean tells us about the company, specialised access, and the ways in which the industry is progressing.


Vert industries have been established since 2013 – focusing on the specialised industry of rope access & working at heights. Our core business sees us deliver a range of maintenance, construction and exterior cleaning projects, carried out on commercial assets throughout Australia.

Our vision is to become an international company, delivering all forms of commercial asset solutions. This aligns with our mission statement: “Solutions made easy.”


How would you describe the working culture at Vert Industries? How do you maintain this?

Vert Industries strives to maintain an enjoyable and honest working environment. Given the nature of work we deliver on an ongoing basis, trust and reliability are a must. When working at heights, there are several hazards that need to be considered, so being able to rely on and trust your colleagues in this environment is a huge part of providing a safe working culture. With this said, it does bring a whole new dynamic into play when recruiting new employees. When hiring, we like to meet each employee before having them start on-site, to ensure that there is an attitude alignment and culture-fit across the board.

Culture is a key focus as we continue to grow as a company. The honesty and transparency that flows throughout our company is key and this is demonstrated from upper management through to on-site technicians on a daily basis.

What safety and quality procedures are in place for Industrial Rope Access companies such as yours? What makes Vert Industries stand out?

Vert Industries maintains a system of quality management through internal and external audits.  We are committed to a programme of continuous improvement, which is reflected through our completed projects and minimal incident occurrences.  Our policies and procedures are very well documented, promoting a consistent approach to the way we deliver business.  Each and every employee plays an integral part in achieving a safe workplace and are actively involved in the development and continuous updates in our practices & procedures.

In a high-risk industry, we must ensure all equipment is thoroughly checked over and gear registers are updated on an on-going basis. This also applies with our regular training schedule being in place, to ensure safety risks are mitigated.


How is drone technology incorporated at Vert Industries?

Drone technology has expanded rapidly around the globe over the past year. As it advances, more and more companies are looking to utilise this technology rather than rope access techniques, mainly for inspection works in the oil and gas sectors.

We like to be at the forefront of this emerging technology and incorporate it to complement our existing business structure. The way in which we are focusing on doing so is through building inspections of city & civil structures. Combining this focus with the use of 3D imaging software allows us to provide comprehensive reporting to our clients for ongoing asset maintenance.


Have there been any recent developments in the industry that has changed how Vert Industries runs?

Currently, there have been no major developments in our industry that have dramatically changed the way we operate. In saying that, we are in an industry that is continuously growing and the need for rope access methods are becoming more and more popular. We have found especially in Victoria, Australia (where our head office is located), that the construction boom is complementing an industry such as ours, as more high-rise buildings continue to be constructed.

We are consistently growing, learning and training to be able to cater to more sectors as our industry grows.

Are there any exciting projects that you’re working on at the moment you could share with us?

We are currently working on a 96-storey tower during its construction phase. Our rope access team are assisting with the façade installation of glass panels and aluminium fins as the tower is being erected.

Being awarded a project on such a high-profile building compliments Vert Industries’ hard-earned reputation and commitment to OH&S procedures, which we strive to ensure are second to none.


What advancements do you hope for in the years ahead for Vert Industries? What is your biggest goal?

In our rapidly growing industry, Vert Industries’ aim is to expand throughout Australasia, UAE, Europe and USA.

It is through our strong company structure that we currently operate with in Australia that will give us an advantage for when we launch additional branches internationally.

In a forever growing market, we will always continue to improve and update our company policies. We will string to offer extensive training to all employees, as they are the backbone of Vert Industries. Without their continuous commitment, hard work and loyalty, Vert Industries would not have grown into the company that it is today.

Sharing our vision throughout the company ensures that all employees (of all levels and all positions) know exactly what the company values are and what we are all working towards.

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