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Bridging Generations in the Global 2020 Workforce

By the year 2020 there are going to be several major changes in the workplace, one of these being huge generational shifts.

Five different generations will be working alongside each other; Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, Generation X, Generation Y, and Generation Z. This of course will carry several challenges as well as several benefits, but how so? Each of these generations tends to behave differently and has its own perspective on life and work.

The dominating generations in 2020’s workforce will be the Baby Boomers and Generation Y; 6% and 35% respectively. These generations of course work very differently, and it’s good to know how, as well as implement methods of avoiding conflict and eliminating generational clashes.

Below Market Inspector, has put together a clever infographic on bridging the generational gap in 2020’s workforce.

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