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A How-To Guide on Digitising Your Brick and Mortar Shop

The growth of online competition is a common reason why the high-street shop continues to struggle, and even close down. However, there is hope! Online property firm Propsellers have provided the following guide to enlighten retailers about the benefits that embracing technology in their stores can bring to make their retail spaces not only more attractive but should also encourage more customers to call in…

Sending email receipts

A YouGov survey carried out on behalf of email marketing software firm, Bronto Software, found that 44% of shoppers wished to receive digital receipts whenever they bought something. However, just a third of the survey’s respondents said that they were given this opportunity.

When you think that 64% of the survey respondents would be happily receive additional marketing communications, 34% product promotions and 31% information regarding loyalty schemes too, you should seriously consider making them a part of your company’s offering.

Email receipts can also contain messages inviting customers (should they wish) to opt-in to your firm’s marketing emails to keep up-to-date as well as bounce-back offers for completing online surveys — something that will appeal to customers whilst allowing you to monitor their actions.

Moreover, it’s wise to include some contact information on the email receipt so customers can contact you post-purchase if required. Do this by pointing them to the places online where they can ask someone at your company a question, leave a review and make an enquiry in the unfortunate event they need to make a return. Links to your social media channels will encourage happy customers to remain engaged with your brand.

Besides all this, email receipts can put your brand in a favourable light as using them arguably shows that you’re caring for the environment by trying to conserve paper.

Click and Collect

Click and Collect allows customers to both buy items online and collect them at one of the retailer’s physical shops. In short, it is a brilliant blend of eCommerce and high-street shopping. According to research by Macfarlane Packaging, it became the third most popular online service in the UK during 2017 behind just online banking and online shopping in general.

There are numerous reasons as to why you think introducing the Click and Collect process to your business’s process — with potential benefits instore for both customers and retailers alike.

Regarding customers, Click and Collect assigns them more control with their ordered items as they can decide where exactly they want their purchases to be delivered to as well. In fact, delivery company, Shutl, conducted a survey which found that 95% of respondents would consider shopping with another retailer should their first choice not be able to provide a suitable delivery option for their needs.

A key advantage for retailers is that Click and Collect has significant potential for sales growth. This is because customers who visit a physical store to pick up their order could be inclined to buy even more items as they work their way to a shop’s collection desk. Retail Assist found this to be a case at fashion retailer, New Look, as it discovered 25% of Click and Collect customers make additional purchases in their stores. You can capitalise on this further by putting your most eye-catching items and best deals along the path that customers will take from a store’s entrance to the collection desk.

Utilising interactive point-of-sale

For quite a number of years, retailers have channeled all their focus on their static retail displays, using imaginative designs and bold colors to make them stand out— whether done through window displays or promoting the ‘in’ products when someone is browsing in-store. Interactive window displays have now emerged though and are naturally eye-catching with their hi-tech designs and excellent use of lighting effects.

A research study by retail website, I Am Omnichannel, highlights the advantages of enhancing your stores with interactive retail displays. According to its findings, 70% of women and 50% of men see shopping as a form of entertainment. What’s more, 70% of customers say that digital signage is entertaining.

Your store’s conversion rates could also see a substantial boost with an interactive retail display, as 30% of customers said that they end up making a purchase after engaging with this technology. With that amount of potential extra custom, the cost for getting these displays installed could quickly be reimbursed.


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