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The Types of Ads Consumers Hate the Most and Least

Following months of scandals surrounding personal data misuse and debates over privacy, instantprint has investigated how people value online and offline marketing, personal data and more to help small businesses find a marketing strategy that best suits their needs.

In a survey conducted in association with Atomik Research, instantprint discovered four out of ten (43%) people believe online ads are the most intrusive form of marketing. Consumers believe these adverts invade privacy more than TV adverts (28%) and radio adverts (8%). On the other hand, flyers were deemed the least intrusive (7%).

As data breaches continue to affect companies, the survey illustrates that their personal data being shared without their consent is a concern, as 56% of people would rather receive a flyer every week of their life than see ten of their personal photos appear on Google.

Despite the proliferation of online advertising, offline flyers carry significant appeal for consumers, with 21% describing flyers as trustworthy, above both online ads (17%) and posters (11%).

Personalised leaflets with discounts (32%) were more attention-grabbing than TV adverts (24%), targeted online ads (12%) and posters (5%).

Flyers (30%) were also perceived to be more informative than online ads (24%), highlighting that small businesses can continue to use offline marketing to their advantage in 2018.

Adam Carnell, co-founder of instantprint, discusses how privacy concerns have affected consumer behaviour: “Small businesses need to be aware that consumers value their personal data and are becoming warier of how companies handle their information.

“To gain customer data, businesses need to earn people’s trust through great products and reliable customer service.”

(Source: instantprint)

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