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Here’s 10 Every Day Trends That Won’t Exist in the Future

Expert forecaster Jacqui Ma has revealed her predictions for what the future holds when it comes to everyday trends.

Remember the days of VHS tapes, MiniDiscs, and fax machines? If you were to show someone born after 2000 any of these antiquated objects, they probably wouldn’t even know what to do with them. But how many of the things we use every day will one day seem impractical, irrelevant, or downright bizarre?

Jacqui has looked at trend developments throughout the decades and revealed which trends she believes will cease to exist in the future, such as the use of plastic straws, a fashion that only developed in the 80s.

She highlighted trends such as in the early 2000s mobile phones actually got smaller and smaller until phones were the size of the palm of your hand; now – as mobiles have become our portable mini computers – it’s normal for phones to come in size XL; it was only 100 years ago that women stopped wearing corsets, before that, for 420 years women would change or constrict their body shapes; and online dating is completely mainstream nowadays, but rewind to early 2000’s and no one would have dared utter the words “we met online”.

Jacqui Ma says: “Everyday things such as not leaving the house without a hat on in the 1950s, to picking up the receiver of your landline with your rehearsed family greeting in the early 2000’s have all but died out now. This naturally means that in the future we’ll look back on things that existed today and be surprised they existed too, things such as using plastic straws.”

Below are some more top trends.

Top trend that haven’t made it to 2018 are:

  1. Landline telephones
  2. Wearing hats
  3. Sending faxes and writing letters
  4. Wearing corsets
  5. Writing cheques
  6. Being embarrassed about ‘online dating’
  7. Smoking inside (including hospitals and places of worship!)
  8. Shrinking phone sizes

Top trends that won’t make it in to our futures:

  1. Physical payment, we’ll become a cashless society
  2. Using plastic straws
  3. Physical media such as CDs and DVDs
  4. Petrol and diesel cars
  5. Dairy
  6. Shampoo in liquid formats (turns to bars and soaps)
  7. Fear of eating bugs, our diet will be packed full of creepy crawlies
  8. Cables for charging/power
  9. Paper passports

But straws don’t have to be a trend for longer than they need to.

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